Alleged butt doctor says he was attacked

Corey Eubanks: Woman attacked me while taping TV show

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DORAL, Fla. - A man charged with assisting a fake doctor said he was attacked during the taping of a TV show late Wednesday.

Corey Eubanks, who is out on bond, was taping an episode of "The Cristina Show," a Spanish-language program.

Eubanks said the relative of a victim lunged at him with a syringe that was being used in a demonstration.

"I was sitting there, talking to Cristina. The mother jumped out of the audience, came, and grabbed the syringe and hit me in the forehead," said Eubanks.

Eubanks and Oneal Ron Morris are accused of injecting a woman's buttocks with a toxic cocktail. The injection ultimately sent her to the hospital to undergo surgery. Investigators said they found Fix-A-Flat, superglue, cement and mineral oil at Morris' illegal practice and alleged that they were used on his clients. 

Eubanks is charged as Morris' accomplice.

Both pleaded not guilty last month.

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