Baby safety precautions to take at home

89 percent of fatalities involving infants happen in home nursery

MIAMI - Certain precautions must be taken in the home, specifically the nursery, as it is where most fatal accidents involving children take place.

A mother blogger, Aubrey Aquino, said she has tried her best to protect her children. However, there are blind spots that can easily be disregarded.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 89 percent of fatalities involving infants happen in the home, inside the baby's nursery.

Patti Laird, a certified professional baby proffer, took a look around Aquino's home. She said that the crib is the most dangerous place, accounting for the majority of accidents among children.

Laird explained that with all the extra pillows and blankets, an escape can be made where the baby climbs out, falls, injures himself and dies.

An overload of blankets can lead to other dangers as well. In 2008, a two-year-old Massachusetts boy was found strangled to death because the blankets got wrapped around his neck.

Loose cords can also cause strangulation. Laird recommends keeping cords and other electronic items secured against the wall and floor.

Laird also explained the danger of some lights.

"You have one of these great energy efficient florescent bulbs," Laird said to Aquino. "If they break, mercury comes out of the lamp."

Vinyl stickers can be toxic; if it is not treated with the right adhesive, it can become deadly for kids.

It is also recommended that furniture and televisions be anchored to the wall to make sure they don't fall down.

Over 1 million children per year experience accidents in and around the home, so it is important that parents are careful and alert.

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