Criminally charged mayor back in court

Al Capellini, the former mayor of Deerfield Beach, is back in court trying to have his corruption charge thrown out.

Capellini and his lawyer, David Bogenschutz, have filed numerous motions to dismiss the case, which was filed in 2008 while Capellini was in office after serving 16 years as mayor. Bogenschutz argued late last week that Capellini's conduct -- voting to approve a development that was paying him -- may violated the state's ethics code, but it wasn't criminal. 

Prosecutor Catherine Maus countered that Capellini had numerous conflicts of interests while serving as mayor and had filed more than 50 conflict of interest forms. She said the vote in the case crossed the line into criminal territory.

Bogenschutz and the former mayor will be back in court soon to argue five more motions. See the video to see Capellini and his lawyer, David Bogenschutz, in action.