BSO: 3 robbed man they met at Scarlett's Cabaret

Carlos Bariola, Vanesa Diaz, Alexis Quian charged

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A woman helped two men rob a 56-year-old man she met at a nightclub, says the Broward Sheriff's Office.

According to BSO, Vanesa Diaz met Elian Taregan at Scarlett's Cabaret on July 21. She, Carlos Bariola, Alexis Quian, and Taregan then drove to his apartment in Dania Beach.

Once at his home and believing the two men left, Taregan and Diaz, 21, began drinking, said detectives. When Diaz went outside to smoke a cigarette, she left the front door unlocked, allowing Bariola, 32, and Quian, 25, inside the apartment.

"When she come in, I saw she didn't close the door, so when I come to lock the door, both of those guys jump on me," Taregan told Local 10 in August. "If they did it to me, I'm sure they're doing it everywhere."

The two knocked Taregan to the ground, then tied his hands and feet and left him in a bathroom, said detectives. They stole his cash, watches, phone, jewelry, and wallet.

BSO charged Bariola with burglary with assault or battery and violation of probation, charged Diaz with burglary with assault or battery and robbery, and charged Quian with burglary with assault or battery and robbery.

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