BSO: 4 women drug victims, steal their belongings

Broward Sheriff's Office gets arrest warrants for Subhanna Beyah, Johnnina Miller, Keshia Clark, Ryan Elkins

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - The Broward Sheriff's Office is looking for four women accused of going home with men they meet at upscale bars, drugging them, then stealing their belongings.

BSO obtained arrest warrants for 25-year-old Subhanna Beyah; 25-year-old Johnnina Miller; 27-year-old Keshia Clark; and, 23-year-old Ryan Elkins.

"In every one of the cases that I've investigated, the victims believe that they were drugged and that could be potentially very dangerous," said Broward Sheriff's Office Det. Ronald Cusumano.

According to BSO, Beyah met a man at YOLO Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale on March 2 and told him her name was Crystal.

"They were a little embarrassed about making the initial report, but they were easy to talk to and forthcoming," said Cusumano.

The man took Beyah to his Pompano Beach home, where she spent half an hour making him a vodka cocktail, said BSO. He took a sip while she drank directly from the bottle.

The man woke up the following afternoon, said BSO. Beyah was gone and had stolen $95,600 worth of cash and watches. She also deleted her contact information from his cell phone.

"They're actually very meticulous about how they are doing this and who they are targeting," said Cusumano. "They're definitely looking at their victims ahead of time, whether at these clubs, at men with these high-end watches -- that's the one common denominator in every one of the cases."

Beyah has an extensive criminal history, according to BSO. The women met men at Blue Martini in Fort Lauderdale and the Elbo Room in Fort Lauderdale Beach. A valet at YOLO recognized Clark, but said he hadn't seen her at the restaurant recently.

"All of us, several detectives in each agencies, worked on this and little by little we started putting pieces together the puzzle together and got these people identified," said Cusumano.

Anyone with information about these suspects should call BSO 954-786-4200. 

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