Butt surgery suspect files restraining order

Suspect claims alleged victim's mom injured him with syringe

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MIAMI - A man accused of being an assistant to an unlicensed doctor performing buttocks-enhancing injections is taking legal action after claiming to be attacked on the set of a TV talk show. 

Corey Eubanks, who is out on bond, was taping an episode of "The Cristina Show," a Spanish-language program, at the time of the alleged attack. Eubanks said the mother of Shaquanda Brown, the alleged victim in the buttocks injection case, threw a packaged syringe. Eubanks said the syringe cut his head. 

"Your heat shouldn't come this way. I'm the one pissed off. I'm the one mad as hell. Why are you pretending to be mad? I did nothing to you," Eubanks said after watching the footage from the show. 

"He set up everything. He made the phone calls. We used his house. We used his massage table, and we used his towels," Brown said. 

Brown said Eubanks played a part in an operation that nearly killed her. 

"He was there. He knows he's there. He needs to man up to it, or woman up to it. Whatever he is, he needs to man up to it," Brown said. 

Eubanks is charged with assisting O'Neal Morris, known as The Duchess, in plastic surgery on Brown and others using a concoction of superglue, Fix-A-Flat and cement. Following the surgery, Brown was hospitalized for 38 days. 

"Whatever happens to him, he deserves that and more," Brown said. 

Eubanks and his attorney, Jim Lewis, filed a restraining order Thursday against Brown and her mother. 

"We need to keep (Brown and her mother) away from my client so we don't have any more intimidation and threats," Lewis said. 

According to both sides, the issue was that both sides didn't know the other was going to be at the show taping Wednesday night and that security was not prepared for the flaring tempers.

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