Car Break-Ins Reported At Markham Park

Digital Sign Warns Visitors Of Burglary Danger

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

SUNRISE, Fla. - Markham Park makes up more than 600 acres alongside the Sawgrass Expressway and State Road 84 and boasts an airfield, boat rental, dog park, 10 miles of mountain bike trails, fishing and tennis courts.

But while visitors are out and about, their cars can be targets for thieves.

"It can be difficult to see my car (when) I am over there," said visitor Jina Stamm.

"Very difficult, especially from way out -- you can't see anything," said visitor Bob Kushner.

Sunrise police are working on a handful of smash-and-grabs at Markham Park where purses, electronics and money were snatched from parked cars. In fact, a new digital sign was put up to warn park-goers of the dangers.

Local 10's Ben Kennedy decided to check out cars at the park and found unlocked cars, expensive electronics in plain view and one car with all the windows open.

Park visitor Bob Kushner said that's not a good idea, as his friend recently had her car broken into there.

"They took whatever was in her bag -- credit cards, license, the whole bit," said Kushner.

One block away at the airfield, the model jets and airplanes instantly catch the eye and can distract drivers from the thousands of dollars of equipment left inside the cars.

"You leave your equipment lying around, if someone really wants to come around and steal from you, they can," said visitor Jose Castillo.

Anyone who notices any suspicious behavior or witnesses a break-in is asked to call police immediately.

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