Club Madonna business license pulled

License pulled after allegations of girl, 13, dancing nude in club

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales issued a six-month "Order revoking occupational license: Business tax receipt and certificate of use" Friday to Leroy C. Griffith, president of Club Madonna.

The revocation comes after allegations were made of a 13-year-old girl performing nude at the club.

The teenage girl was reported missing Dec. 10. She told police she ran away with two 15-year-old girls, but three days later, Vilbert Jean, 36, Marlene San Vicente, 22, and DeWayne Ward, 18, forced her to have sex with a man at a hotel.

Griffith told police that San Vicente, who was a dancer at the club, brought the girl there, where she tutored the girl on how to make the most money stripping.

Court documents showed that the 13-year-hit the stage two days after Christmas, performing under the name "Peaches."

Police say the girl made at least $1,000 in a week, which Jean took all of. The club reportedly made money off of the minor as well.

While no charges were made against the club owner, Jean, San Vicente and Ward have been charged with human trafficking, delivering a controlled substance to a person under 18, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and lewd and lascivious conduct on a person less than 16.

"Based on the gravity of recent allegations, the evidence collected and the owner's admitted failure to have the required knowledge of what illegal activity occurs at Club Madonna, I have determined that this activity presents an actual threat to the public health, welfare and safety of the public," said Morales.

Griffith admitted to having no knowledge of whether the minor performed at the club, but reportedly admitted that he heard that she did.

Griffith says he plans to file a lawsuit against the City of Miami Beach for stripping his business license. Meanwhile, the Miami Beach Police Department and the State Attorney's Office are trying to determine if they will file charges against club workers.

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