Clucking Chickens Allowed To Stay ... For Now

Couple Files Suit Over Neighbors' Chickens

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A judge has denied a Hollywood family's request for chickens to be removed from a neighbor's yard.

Judge Michele Towbin-Singer denied a motion by Grant and Sandra Einhorn, who have filed a civil suit over chickens kept by their neighbors, the Kohn family, for a temporary injunction ordering the removal of the chickens.


The Einhorns said the chickens cluck all the time, that their feathers end up in the Einhorns' pool and that it smells like a farm.

Steve Kohn, who owns the chickens, called the birds pets and said they help his children learn responsibility.

Hollywood does have an ordinance prohibiting fowl and poultry in residential neighborhoods, and the Kohns face fines of $250 a day, which have added up to $146,000.

While the judge denied the motion for the injunction, she set a trial date for April 18.

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