Coconut Creek boy's food blog receives national attention

11-year-old boy's food blog 'WyattTastesGood' boasts more than 50 restaurant reviews

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - Food blog WyattTastesGood boasts more than 50 restaurant reviews and has received national attention from websites like Urban Spoon.

It's hard to believe the brains behind the burgeoning site is an 11-year-old boy.

Wyatt, a sixth grader from Coconut Creek, created WyattTastesGood almost two years ago with the help of his parents.

He's been posting online restaurant reviews for almost two years, reviewing just about every restaurant he visits with his family.

"I wanted to walk into a restaurant and eat for free, and my mom said, 'Oh, you can do that by being a food critic. Possibly,'" Wyatt said.

Wyatt's mom, Julie, said she's relieved he limits his critiques only to restaurants.

"He does not review my cooking but he does say I make a really good meatloaf," Julie laughed.

Wyatt doesn't dine for free, but he knows what he likes. In addition to his mom's meatloaf, he likes spicy chicken, burgers, seafood, and steak.

He doesn't award restaurants with standard stars or a thumbs-up; He doles out sporks. His criteria for awarding or deducting sporks: Food, ambiance and service.

"If they're nice, or if they're jerky," Wyatt said.

A trick of the trade he's learned: Keep a low profile. Wyatt never lets servers or managers know he is an incognito critic.

"I don't tell them at all. I stay undercover. But when I leave, I leave my business card on the table," he said.

There are several disadvantages to being a pint-size food critic, including the lack of a drivers' license.

"Since I can't drive by myself, I have to go where the whole family wants to go," Wyatt said.

And, in a couple of weeks, blogging will compete with his day job: School.

Wyatt still makes it work and plans to continue to critique local restaurants on weekends and when he doesn't have too much homework.

Last week, Local 10 tagged along as Wyatt, his brother, sister and parents visited The Whale, a restaurant at 7619 N. State Road 7 in Parkland.

For his complete review of the Whale and reviews of other South Florida restaurants, click here.

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