Community wants help watching students

Gun violence plaguing Miami's Liberty City neighborhood

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI - Residents are looking for solutions to curb gang violence in Miami's Liberty City neighborhood.

"I was scared because they threatened to shoot the schools," said Abel Larson, who attends Miami Northwestern Senior High. "The kids think it's good to use guns. Taking someone's life is something that they usually do."

As gun violence plagues the area, teachers at the high school stand watch during arrival and dismissal.

"If we are going to make sure our students get the best education possible, we are going to let them know we care about them and support them," said Miami Northwestern principal Wallace Aristide.

"If there are so many eyes and so many ears, they are not going to be there," said Nikki Fowles.

Fowles wants residents to leave street corners and instead stand watching during school arrival and dismissal. She lives near Charles Drew Middle School.

"If we could walk our kids to school or come out and watch the kids to school, we can see and hear more," she said. "Right now, kids are scared to walk to school. They are scared to come home from school."

"Sometimes, I feel like somebody is going to walk behind me or grab my chain or steal my phone," said student Sandrine Basquin.

"If students don't want to join a gang, they are getting beat up or killed for not wanting to join a gang," added. Fowles.

The Miami Children's Initiative, Inc. asked students to write essays about making Liberty City safer. You can read some of them below.

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