Lemel Medical Spa remains open, despite 'fake' doctor's arrest

Velia Beatriz Lemel, 64, of Argentina, does not have medical license in Florida

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

SURFSIDE, Fla. - Lemel Medical Spa in Surfside remained open Friday, a day after one of its supposed doctors was arrested on suspicion of performing medical procedures without a license.

The clinic's owner, Velia Beatriz Lemel, 64, is just the latest to be arrested in connection with an investigation into the medical spa.

"She's a dermatologist in Argentina; however, she is not a medical doctor here in the state of Florida," Surfside police Sgt. Jay Matelis said.  

Employees at the medical spa told Local 10 News reporter Carlos Suarez that they did not want to comment on their boss's arrest.

Lemel has previously touted her work on cable news shows, social media and web sites. 

Police arrested her after a patient said Lemel performed a liquid rhinoplasty with an unknown liquid filler. 

"In this case, we haven't had any reports of a botched procedure, but doing these procedures without a license is a felony in the state of Florida," Matelis said.  

Lemel worked with Alicia Giser, 59, who was also previously charged with practicing medicine without a license and three counts of possession of prescription drugs with intent to sell. Giser is a dentist from Argentina.

In that case, police said Giser administered Botox on a patient and the procedure led to a complaint and, later, an investigation by the Florida Department of Health. 

For more information about medical licenses in Florida, or to verify a license, visit the Florida Health Source site or call 877-425-8852.

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