Veteran beaten-up during carjacking

Omar Sixto had several stitches, broken tooth

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI - Omar Sixto is lucky to be alive. 

The bruising and stitches on the 72-year-old man's face make up a fraction of the injuries he suffered Sunday during a carjacking.

"I have a laceration here in my skull," Sixto said, pointing to his injuries. "Three stitches here, eight here -- eight stitches here -- and a broken tooth." 

The carjacking took place outside of Sixto's friend's home, which sits on the corner of Northwest 28th Avenue and Northwest Sixth Street. The Vietnam veteran was looking at the wipers on his Corvette when he was knocked out from behind. 

"I don't remember exactly when he got into the car, I didn't hear any noises on the motor or the engine," Sixto said. "I just blacked out."  

Sixto said the attacker had caught his eye, but that he thought the man was waiting for someone to pick him up. 

"I found it a little bit suspicious that he kept walking back and forth," Sixto said. "As soon as I turned, he hit me."  

By the time Sixto woke up, his prized car was gone. 

Bloodied and dazed, he made it to his friend's house and explained what happened.       

The encounter has left Sixto wondering why.  

"To me, the car is fine. You know, it's gone. Fine. It’s just about my safety," Sixto said. "If he had hit me a couple of inches up here on my forehead, I would be gone." 

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