Victim's fears rise after third woman robbed at gunpoint at Windmill Lakes complex

Latest victim targeted Monday night

By Todd Tongen - Anchor/Reporter

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - The search is on for the people who robbed a South Florida woman at gunpoint outside her home in Pembroke Pines this week, and now, the mayor is demanding action.

"I feel they want to come back after me, so I am scared," a woman, who authorities believe was targeted by the same men, said. 

The 60-year-old woman doesn't want to reveal her identity because she believes serial carjackers who police believe are targeting the Windmill Lakes community in Pembroke Pines will come back and hurt her. 

Police said the woman was carjacked by three armed men in December, just one day after another woman was carjacked at gunpoint.

"This happening two days ago was just too much. It is too much for me," the woman said.  

Police said a third woman was attacked and robbed Monday night.

Her daughter captured the gunmen on cellphone video running away. 

"I am scared," the victim said. "I have an alarm and everything, but I get up in the middle of the night looking to see what is going on outside. I can't live like this. I cannot."

The three armed robberies have the mayor up in arms.

"You're punks, you're stupid, you're ignorant -- you're watching this right now -- we're going to get you," Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis said. "How dare you be cowards and beat up defenseless women. How dare you. And I'll tell you one thing, property managers are going to take responsibility for this. Gates don't work. Security cameras don't work. You're responsible as well."  

An attorney for the apartment complex did not return a phone call, but released a statement on behalf of BDM Management, which said in part: "They have been working for several months to fund and repair their perimeter fence (Which was damaged by hurricane Irma) and to make their gate operational. In the meantime, they are exploring other options such as security guards and (the) installation of cameras."

The victims said the front gate hasn't worked since 2015 and Hurricane Irma was over five months ago. Now, three innocent women have been attacked.

"I am upset because here you have people paying for a service. Here you have people renting, thinking that they are going to be safe, and I was not safe at all," the victim said. 

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. 

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