Dermatologist tests new skin cream

DerMend treats bruises, red patches, brown spots

MIAMI - The older people get, the more their skin color and texture changes. Brown spots, red patches, and bruising become more noticeable.

"Number one -- aging and sun damage thins out the skin and blood vessels," said Dr. Mark Nestor with Skin & Cancer Associates," and number two -- a lot of people are on blood thinners, aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin, and that doesn't allow the blood to clot properly."

Nestor is participating in a clinical trial for DerMend, a new over-the-counter skin cream designed to help users lose bruises on their skin.

"I see a difference in the brown spots. The brown spots are lighter," said 94-year-old Irving Billings.

DerMend has a number of ingredients, including Retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, and various flower extracts.

"That allows the skin to become tougher to become a lot more elastic and allows the blood vessels and clotting mechanisms to work better," said Nestor.

"It's not greasy," said Billings. "I think it's a very good product."

Local 10's Kristi Krueger said she saw a difference in her freckles within a few days.

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