More than 150 rodent droppings found at TPC in Coral Springs

Roach issues found at 2 other South Florida restaurants

By Jeff Weinsier - Investigative Reporter

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - A state inspector found a rodent issue at the Tournament Players Club at Eagle Trace last week.

Records show that more than 150 rodent droppings were found in several places in the kitchen.

Inspectors were at TPC based on a complaint.

China Gourmet in Miami and Healthy Bagel in Plantation were also ordered shut by state inspectors last week after roach issues were discovered.

Below is a list of places that were ordered shut and some of their violations. All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

***Tournament Players Club at Eagle Trace

1111 Eagle Trace Blvd.

Coral Springs

Inspection based on complaint

Ordered shut May 30

17 violations found

"Rodent activity present as evidenced by rodent droppings found. Observed 3 dried rodent droppings near entrance of kitchen in front of Omcan chest freezer, 1 dried rodent dropping under preparation table across from grill in cook line, 8 dried droppings under Volcan oven in cook line next to reach in Maximum fridge, 1 dried dropping next to Volcan oven that is next to Maximum reach in fridge, 9 dried droppings on floor next to Volcan oven, approximately 110 dried rodent droppings in cabinet in wait station table, 3 dried rodent dropping near back door, 13 dried droppings in back storage room, 3 dried droppings under preparation sink across from triple sink, 2 dried droppings under triple sink, 1 dried dropping on top of container of dried oats on shelf next to walk in cooler, and 3 dried droppings on shelves that cans are stored on. Observed 2 moist droppings in front of walk in cooler. Manager instructed to remove them and to sanitize areas. She began to remove the droppings."

"Dead roaches on premises. Observed 1 dead roach at the entrance of the kitchen, 1 on prep table shelf under Groen steamer, 2 dead roaches in grease on floor under fryers in cook line, 1 dead roach inside of glass bowl on plate storage shelf near back door, and 1 dead roach in dry storage room."

"Small flying insects in bar area. Observed 23 flies in bar under ice bin."

"Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine."

"Rusted cans present. See stop sale. Observed a 6lb 8 oz. can of Sysco brand Country Style Sausage Gravy with a heavily rusted top on shelf next to walk in cooler. Manager removed can."

***China Gourmet

14767 S. Dixie Highway


Ordered shut May 31

35 violations found

"Roach activity present as evidenced by approximately 37 live roaches found in the kitchen. (Approximately 10 live roaches inside a floor drain located underneath the main cook line, approximately 4 live roaches inside a cardboard box on a shelf underneath the main cook line, approximately 18 live roaches in between wall and drain board shelves above the three compartment sink and approximately 5 live roaches in a storage room behind the door on the floor and baseboards."

"Certified Food Manager or person in charge lacks knowledge of food borne illnesses and symptoms of illness that would prevent an employee from working with food, clean equipment and utensils, and single-service items."

***Health Bagel Restaurant

Plantation Square Plaza

1755 N. University Drive


Inspection based on complaint

Ordered shut June 1

19 violations found

"Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Observed 1 running across the kitchen floor. 1 on the floor under a grill in the kitchen. 10 on the floor near the kitchen entrance under a shelf. 2 on the floor behind the front counter in the dining room."

"Tracking powder pesticide used inside establishment. Observed tracking powder used along the walls in the kitchen. **Repeat Violation**."

"Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food. Observed cook crack raw eggs, remove gloves and put on a new set of gloves without washing hands. After I spoke to him, he removed the gloves, washed hands and put on a new set of gloves."

"All potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) foods in walk-in cooler cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed all food in the walk-in cooler is 56°F or higher. Stop sale issued on butter and opened sour cream."

"Food being cooled by non-approved method as evidenced by inadequate rate of cooling during time of inspection. At 08:35 am, observed a pot of cooling red potatoes with a temperature of 115-124°F left at room temperature in the kitchen. At 09:21am, observed the temperature of these potatoes were 114-122°F. At this rate the potatoes will not reach 70°F within 2 hours. **Repeat Violation**"

"Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) hot held at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Observed a pan of cooked home fried potatoes on the grill with a temperature of 92-140°F and a plate of cooked hash brown potatoes under a grill with a temperature of 84-85°F. The home fried potatoes were put back on the grill to be reheated. **Corrective Action Taken** **Repeat Violation**."

"Slicer blade and blade guard are soiled with old food debris. **Repeat Violation**."


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