Doctor risks own life to save man from train

Dr. Benjamin Abo recognized by Mount Sinai Hospital for his efforts

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Dr. Ben Abo lives his life for others. He's an emergency-room residency doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital, but also a humanitarian with his own non-profit organization that provides emergency care to women in developing countries.

On Wednesday, he was recognized for an act of bravery done off the job.

"We are proud to have you as a member of our family," said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Goldzer as he presented Abo with a plaque of recognition. 

While on vacation, Abo was waiting for the train in New York's West Village when he saw a man run into serious trouble.

"This guy game in with two girls and was talking to them," Abo said. "Then all of a sudden he stumbled and fell down into the tracks."

Abo said the man had a seizure, fell head first, and was unresponsive. Without thinking, he jumped down to help.

"I was trying to stay two steps ahead. When I saw the train wasn't coming, I decided to go," Abo said. "I was able to get him up with someone else and get that person out."

After hoisting the injured man and another Good Samaritan to safety, Abo said he was on the tracks -- alone -- with the train barreling towards him.

"You look down the train tracks and see the lights reflecting off the turn and I think 'Oh goodness, this is not going to be good,'" Abo said. "So I decided to give it one more last heave to try to get up. I made it and a few seconds later, the train came buzzing through."

Abo said if that were less than 10 seconds later, he may not have survived.

"Whether I knew him or not, it wasn't making a difference for me," Abo said. "Either way I know that now he has a chance of living and I think he's going to be fine and if I didn't do something, he would've died."

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