Dolphins respond to logo rumors

Possible new Fins logo makes rounds on internet

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Image posted by UniWatch.

MIAMI - This is what the new logo for the Miami Dolphins may look like, according to published reports.

DolFansNYC posted a cell phone photo of the design over the weekend. The post detailed how Dolphins CEO Mike Dee discussed the new logo with a group of Dolphins webmasters during Miami Dolphins Web Weekend.

A friend who works at Nike told DolFansNYC that the picture is "very, very close" to the new logo.

On Wednesday, Paul Lukas of Uni Watch posted the above picture to Twitter. reported that "Lukas doesn't know if it's legit, but the fact that he's obtained the same design that DolFans did, presumably from another source, at least points to this being more than a fanmade logo circulating on Facebook."

Dee tweeted on Wednesday night, "Lots of buzz re logos.  Love the passioN!  We continue to explore a # of design alternatives... Final decision by draft.  Happy Holidays!"

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