Drug Trading Discovered On Makeup Website

Number Of Drugs That Would Need Prescription Found On Site

By Lauren Berger - Executive Producer

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - A popular cosmetics website full of reviews and links caught Local 10's attention after viewers said prescription drugs were being traded.

Local 10 discovered five types of potentially dangerous prescription medications on the swap page of makeupalley.com.

In addition, the station found dozens of listings for the acne medications Differin and Retin A.

Dermatologist Dr. Sherrie Bullard was surprised by what was on the site.

"I would be really concerned because when I evaluate a patient with a skin condition, it's an individual thing," Bullard said. "I don't just give the same thing to everyone."

Bullard pointed out that users could suffer an allergic reaction or burn their skin with these topicals.

Local 10 asked Makeup Alley if they were aware of the drug trading on their swap page. They responded with this statement:

"It is clearly stated on the site that swapping prescription medication is not allowed. The site has been up for 10 years and rarely does anything pop up, but when it does, we remove it immediately."

The website has since moved its policy against prescription items to a more prominent location on the page.

The FDA has an entire page dedicated to buying medicine on the Internet. Click here to check out the page.

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