Employee claims nepotism at Miami parks department

City investigating hiring of two employees related to Assistant City Manager Luis Cabrera

MIAMI - A city of Miami parks and recreation claims there's nepotism inside the department.

Yamilet Moreno on Thursday said Assistant City Manager Luis Cabrera's half brother and that man's wife got jobs in the parks department and make more money than she does.

"Nepotism, what the young lady who spoke earlier, that's what we've been facing for many years in the city of Miami," said Willy Bennett, a parks and recreation department employee.

Parks Director Juan Pascual said Cabrera never recommended his half-brother or sister-in-law, saying they applied like everyone else and met the qualifications. His sister-in-law has since resigned.

Miami commissioners asked the city's auditor general, Ted Guba, to investigate and get back to them by Nov. 21.

"I don't know what the consequences will be right now. Let's just see exactly what the investigation gives out and then we'll take actions from there, but the bottom line is any wrongdoing, we want to make sure it's fixed," said Commissioner Frank Carollo.

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