Fla. Imam Seeks ID Of Terror Case Informant

Imams Accused Of Helping Pakistani Taliban

MIAMI - The attorney for a Florida Muslim cleric accused of supporting terrorists wants to learn the true identity of a key FBI informant in the case.

Evidence shows the informant recorded numerous conversations with the cleric, 76-year-old Hafiz Khan. Khan's attorney says in court papers that learning the informant's true identity is critical in preparing his defense. The informant helped drive Khan to appointments and assisted him in dealing with government programs such as Medicare.

The FBI recordings form the backbone of the U.S. case against Khan, his two sons and three others still at large in Pakistan.

All are charged with four terrorism support-related crimes. The charges each carry potential 15-year prison sentences.

Prosecutors say they funneled at least $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban terror group.

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