Flagami residents call sidewalks 'unacceptable'

Locals have hard time walking along Southwest 4th Street

MIAMI - People living in Miami's Flagami neighborhood said the area sidewalks need to be fixed before someone gets hurt.

Antonio Gonzalez is on a mission to make that happen. He told Local 10's Sasha Andrade the people who walk along Southwest 4th Street are mostly senior citizens and are being forced to walk into traffic.

"The sidewalk ends here, it breaks here," he said. "There is no way on a wheelchair or with a cane to go across."

Andres Torrado said he was almost hit when he was on his way to a nearby fruit stand.

The two believe the solution putting pavement over the railway track like nearby Southwest 8th Street.

City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez blamed government turnover in the way of an easy fix.

"In a city where we've had four directors of the department that's in charge of executing that task, it's been a frustration of mine for the last three years," he said.

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