Floridians are buying Crocs (the shoe) more than ever before

Don’t worry... Floridians aren’t buying actual crocodiles

If there’s one thing synonymous with living in South Florida it’s crocs — and we mean crocodiles. However, it looks like Floridians are taking their fondness for the giant reptile a little too far.

In 2021, Floridians are buying Crocs, the popular rubber shoe, more than ever before.

According to a new study by Wishlisted, search activity for Crocs in Florida has increased by 67% since May of 2020.

Despite the love or hate attitude for the brand (as well as its reputation as notoriously ugly), the shoe has grown in popularity.

Crocs CEO Andrew Rees even said in a recent press release “demand for the Crocs brand is stronger than ever with expected 2021 revenue growth of 40% to 50%.”

And it seems the pandemic had something to do with it. Due to Americans quarantining and working from home over the past year, athleisure and comfort-wear became the new norm. With the easy slide-in nature of the clogs, it seems they became a no-brainer for people’s work-from-home outfits. They’re also popular among those in the medical field.

The study also ranked states based on their search activity for Crocs. Thankfully for us, Florida ranked no. 19 out of their list of 20.

In conclusion, Croc-haters — it looks like the shoe is here to stay in the Sunshine State (at least for a while, crocodile).