Bear peeps on Florida homeowners

Bear in Longwood (Amber White)

LONGWOOD, Fla. – Bears are prevalent around certain areas of Central Florida, and while residents might expect to see them roaming their neighborhood, they probably don’t expect to see them doing this.

This momma bear was curious as to what was happening in a Longwood home and wanted to get a closer look.

Amber White shared photos on Facebook of the “peeping Tom” bear she spotted in her yard Tuesday around 6:30 p.m.

White told WKMG they keep their house windows open to bring in natural light and as her husband and kids were closing them up for the night, they noticed a momma bear and two cubs in their yard.

They thought they saw the bears start walking down the street but when White went out front of her house to investigate, she found the bears in her side yard.

Bears in Longwood (Amber White)

And as her family went to get another good look at the bears through the house window, the momma bear thought to do the same and raised up on her hind legs to get a better look into the home.

White just happened to catch it all happening from the front yard.

The Wekiva community in Longwood is known to get a lot of bear traffic. And to them, it’s just another day in Florida.

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