Scott Israel wins Broward Sheriff race

Israel defeats incumbent Al Lamberti

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - There will be a new sheriff in Broward County after Scott Israel defeated incumbent Al Lamberti.

Israel won with 53 percent of the vote.

"I got hundreds, thousands of calls in the last year and a half -- 'We got your back, we got your back. Please do that.' You know, the agency, I don't know what polling will tell you or what people will say, but when I tell you the unbelievably high percentage of that agency wanted us to be the next sheriff of Broward County," Israel said late Tuesday.

"But to all of you, all of my friends and family who poured their hearts out and souls for me for good, public safety in Broward County, I want to thank you," Lamberti said Tuesday. "You know, I've spent the last 35 years of my life at the Broward Sheriff's Office serving the people of Broward County. That in itself has been an honor and a privilege."

Israel is a former police chief of North Bay Village and Fort Lauderdale Police officer.

The two ran against each other in 2008.

"Teddy Roosevelt once said enter the political arena and prepare to be wounded," said Russell DiPerna, Israel's right-hand man.

DiPerna was fired from BSO by Lamberti four years ago.

"There will be no retaliation. As far as new positions, absolutely, Scott has a moral obligations to bring the right people in to the right positions," said DiPerna.

Local 10's Bob Norman reported that members of Lamberti's command staff may be replaced.

Lamberti made no concession call to Israel and on the Paul and Young Ron radio show Wednesday morning, he had no good words for his opponent.

"Politics is a strange business. Sometimes, it's a dirty business," said Lamberti. "The people will have to deal with him. He's been elected.

"It's very important for Sheriff Lamberti to sit down with his people and Scott so they can work a transition," said DiPerna.

Lamberti posted to his Facebook wall Wednesday morning, writing, "For all my friends and family who poured out their hearts and souls during this election I want to thank you. I have spent the last 35 years of my life at the Broward Sheriffs office serving the people of Broward County. It has been my honor and privilege to serve you. I have witnessed many positive accomplishments and milestones at BSO and I will always be proud of the ...BSO family. Thank you again for all your hard work and support. My thoughts and prayers will always be with all of you and my BSO family. May God Bless each of you in the years to come. Thank you again for your loyalty.."

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