Western High School security guard accused of choking 15-year-old student

Student says he was trying to help friend when Alan Davis charged at him

By Christian De La Rosa - Reporter

DAVIE, Fla. - A Western High School security guard could be in serious trouble after witnesses said he choked a 15-year-old student.

The incident occurred this week at the school at 1200 SW 136th Ave. in Davie.

The security guard, Alan Davis, is seen on cellphone video charging at 17-year-old student Tristan Eaton.

According to Tristan, Davis was choking his friend, Alec Ortega, after breaking up a fight. 

When Eaton saw Ortega gasping for air, he said he stepped in to stop the security guard, who then charged at him instead.

"At that time, I had just thought that he was going to choke him to death, because I'd seen my friend, Alec, couldn't breathe," Tristan said. "I just panicked and tried to separate the two."

Alec told Local 10 News that Davis didn't put him in a choke hold to hold him back from the other student as school officials claimed, but said that the security guard placed both hands on his neck to choke him.

The fathers of both teens believe Davis should be fired from the school.

"I don't think that person was trained properly," Alec's father, Santiago Ortega, said. 

"I'm sure this is not part of their protocol," Mario Eaton added. "He should be released from the school as a security guard."

School administrators spoke to the parents of the children involved, who were suspended. 

Western High claims Davis was only fighting back after being attacked by Tristan, although the video shows Tristan appearing to try to get away from Davis.

The school district and Davie police are investigating the incident.

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