Casey Anthony mobbed while arriving at Tampa courthouse

Anthony last seen in public in 2011 after murder acquittal

TAMPA, Fla. - A poised and polite Casey Anthony on Monday sat calmly through an at-times contentious half-hour examination by a bankruptcy trustee and an attorney for the Osceola County woman suing her for defamation, as she seeks a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Mobbed by reporters and photographers as she both arrived and left the federal courthouse in Tampa, Anthony appeared much as she did in the weeks before her July 2008 arrest in connection with the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in July 2011.

Among the revelations from Monday's proceeding -- known as a creditors meeting:

Defense attorney Jose Baez has provided the bulk of her living expenses since her release from the Orange County Jail in July 2011, giving her about $3,400 directly.

"I don't pay rent, I don't pay utilities, I guess you could say I'm living for free or off the kindness of the people I'm staying with," Anthony testified.

Because of security concerns, she has been allowed to not reveal her exact residence, relying in court papers on her parents' Orange County home, where she lived prior to her arrest.

Anthony also revealed that, less than two months after her release, she relinquished rights to photos to her criminal defense attorney, Jose Baez.  In court on Monday, she said Baez sold "pictures I was asked to participate in.  I was asked to pose for a couple photos. That was the extent of my involvement."

Neither she nor her attorney, Charles Greene, clarified which photos Baez sold. Asked by the bankruptcy trustee if she had any idea how much Baez was paid for the photos, she said, "No, sir."

The relinquishment of photo rights came on Sept. 9, 2011, around the time a series of photos of Anthony purportedly shopping appeared on a tabloid website.

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January, claiming assets of $1,084 and potential liabilities of more than $792,000, predominantly $500,000 she claims she owes Baez.

Creditors, including Baez, or their attorneys were allowed to appear at Monday's hearing to ask Anthony questions under oath, but only one appeared. Attorney Scott Shuker asked questions on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman suing Anthony for defamation.

Gonzalez shares a similar name with the imaginary nanny Anthony blamed for kidnapping Caylee.

Other large claims include $217,000 she has been ordered to pay the Orange County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement for the costs of investigating the bogus kidnapping.  While acquitted of murder and child abuse, Anthony was convicted of lying to police, so she is liable for those expenses, a judge ruled.

She also owes the IRS $68,540, the 2008 tax bill on $200,000 she received from ABC News to rights to photos and video. The money was used by Baez to cover some defense costs and fees.

Anthony, sitting at a table across from the bankruptcy trustee, appeared much as she did in the weeks before her arrest, with shoulder-length, black hair and a low-cut, cream blouse.

She made small talk and joked with attorneys as about 30 reporters and other observers filed into the room, specially set aside for the creditors meeting because of logistics and security concerns.

Anthony said she has had no discussions about selling a book, movie, TV or other rights to her story.  She said she kept no diary, that no one owes her money and she has nothing more than the meager assets outlined in her bankruptcy petition.

Asked what she lives on, she said, "Some of the money is from unsolicited donations from various individuals. ... The bulk of the money came from Jose Baez."

As for food, she said, "I try to contribute when I can," adding, "also friends" buy her food.

The examination became contentious once Shuker began asking questions on Gonzalez' behalf and attorney Greene repeatedly interrupted Anthony's answers.  He claimed to help "clarify" her answers.

"Mr. Greene, who is not under oath, is trying to take over these proceedings," Shuker protested for the record.

For his part, Greene countered, Shuker would "not be sitting here today" if Gonzalez had not filed "this frivolous claim" that Anthony defamed her by coincidentally naming her imaginary nanny Zenaida Gonzaelz.

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