City says colorful mural on Hollywood home has to go

Homeowner is fighting to keep her 'little bit of Wynwood'

By Terrell Forney - Reporter

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Art is quite the passion for Hollywood resident Revital Schnader.

“It’s therapy for me, it’s like what I do for fun,” she said. 

But Schnader  is quickly learning quickly that coloring outside the lines will be far from easy street when it comes to her new home in the 4300 block of Hayes Street

“I thought why not bring a little bit of Wynwood here to my house,” Schnader said of the mural she painted next to her front door.

She recently received a warning from code enforcement officials, saying she’s in violation of a sign design regulation and property standards.

Rivetal has been given 10 days to take down her mural down or else. It’s apparently because of a complaint from an anonymous neighbor.

 “I really cannot understand why, but I cannot be angry.  I cannot be mad about someone. Some people have their own opinion and it's OK,” Schnader said.

In the week that the painting has been up on the side of Schnader’s home, passersby have greeted it with a mostly positive response.

“It doesn't bother me. I don’t care either way — it’s whatever. It's her house she can have whatever she wants on it as long as it’s not offensive — and it’s not offensive,” said neighbor Katherine Derosso.

Art or not, the city will get the final word.

And the artist behind colorful creation says she’s only committed to being a good neighbor.

 “If it’s necessary, and if really somebody cannot sleep at night because of that, then you know I’m going to take it off but I’m trying to do it my best to keep it.” Schnader said.

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