Pair pose as landscapers to steal about $30,000 worth of jewelry

Distraction thieves target 88-year-old man, 82-year-old wife

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor, Ian Margol - Reporter

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - Police are trying to identify two people who posed as landscapers to steal thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry from a Kendall couple's home.

The burglary occurred May 29 at a home on Camino Circle.

"They got me good," Raquel Macia, 82, said. "I didn't realize what had happened until the next day."

Miami-Dade police on Tuesday released composite sketches of the man and woman.

Detectives said the pair posed as landscapers, saying they were there to clear vegetation for hurricane season.

Miami-Dade police have released these sketches of a pair who posed as landscapers to steal about $30,000 worth of jewelry from a Kendall couple's home.

"I came out with them. They started showing me things, moving me that way further away from the house," Macia said. 

Investigators said the woman continued distracting Macia and her 88-year-old husband while her partner in crime stole about $30,000 worth of jewelry from inside the home.

"They took my grandmother's engagement ring, my grandmother's wedding band," Cecilia Ribas told Local 10 News. "They took another ring that my father had given my mother, a pair of little diamond earrings that my father had given her, a diamond cross that my sister-in-law had given my mother and they took a whole set of sterling silverware that belonged to my grandmother."

"The ring was my mother's engagement ring and her wedding band -- the wedding band had her name, my dad's name and the date of the wedding. It's very sad to lose that," Macia said. 

Macia said she called authorities the next day when she realized her jewelry was gone. 

"I should have been brighter, but it's sad that they did that," she said. 

Since the theft, Macia and her husband have increased security at their home, including by adding a Ring doorbell camera.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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