Man ticketed for honking horn at red light

Volusia Co. man taking case to court after he was ticketed for honking at an undercover cop

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Honking horns. You hear the sound every day at red lights and on the roads, but it's also the sound that sent criminal defense attorney Michael Lambert to court.

The Volusia County lawyer says he was pulled over by an undercover police officer, after he honked his horn at at a red light in Central Florida. Lambert said he noticed the light had turned green and waited a full five seconds before giving his horn a little tap. Next thing he knew, he was being told to pull over.

"I pulled over and the officer came up and asked me if he knew why he stopped me," Lambert explained. "I said, 'No, I didn't. I'd be intrigued to find out.' He told me it was for impolitely honking my horn."

The DeLand police investigator told Lambert he'd let him get away with a warning, but the lawyer in him couldn't help but begin a battle. He asked for a ticket instead, so he court take the fight to court.

"This is so silly that he pulled me over for honking my horn, so I consider how many people they do this to everyday."

One court date has passed and the officer didn't show up. The officer has since has the court to dismiss it, but Lambert is still pressing on.

"I've asked the court to have him held in contempt for failing to honor both my subpoena and the subpoena from the clerk of the courts to appear in courts."

According to DeLand's police chief, the officer is working a homicide case, which takes precedent and that's why he didn't show up.

But Lambert is determined to continue to fight for justice.

"I was doing nothing wrong. This was a power trip on his part."

So is it legal to be ticketed for honking your horn? According to a Florida statute, "a driver of a car shall use his horn when it is necessary." Lambert is hoping the court will agree that his horn use was necessary.

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