MDPD officer's girlfriend: Convicted felon's death gives family closure

Jaime Pardinas will not speak publicly until he is fully recovered

GRAPEVINE, Texas - The girlfriend of a Miami-Dade County detective who was stabbed by a convicted felon says Officer Jaime Pardinas, 54, is getting better by the day.

Marinka Stuvel spoke to reporters on Monday morning from a hotel in Grapevine, Texas. She arrived there last week after getting word that Pardinas had been stabbed by Alberto Morales, a convicted sex offender he was transporting to Las Vegas with another officer.

Pardinas was released from the hospital on Saturday. Stuvel told reporters he is slowly recovering, mentioning that he has been eating, talking and cracking jokes.

According to Stuvel, Pardinas' spirits were lifted when he learned that the search for Morales was over. He was caught caught and killed on Friday night, after several days on the run.  

"We rushed to the door and told him and he was ecstatic," she said. "It gives us a sense of closure and as family now, we can move forward now in healing and making sure he gets better."

Originally, there were reports that Pardinas would speak to the media at Monday's news conference, but Stuvel said that he will continue to focus on his recovery before he speaks. She says he will not be making any statement while he is in Texas, but did not rule out a future meeting with media once he returns to Miami.

"As I think any good officer will do, he will explain himself and try to get a sense of closure for himself too."

Stuvel told reporters that she was not surprised by her boyfriend's calm demeanor in the 911 call when he reported that he had been stabbed.

"I was so proud of him for the way he handled himself during that time." Stuvel said she does not think he would have done anything differently if given the chance.

According to Stuvel, Pardinas was in "very critical condition" for a few days after the stabbing. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, but have not said how long it will take. No timeline has been given for when he can return to work. Stuvel says he plans to return after he is medically cleared.   

As for a returning home to Miami, Stuvel said their plans are still unclear. At one point they had hoped to leave Texas as early as Tuesday, but plans have not been set.

"He's strong, he's a really strong individual and he's very stubborn, so I know he was not going to give up this fight and he was going to come out on top. And he did."

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