Photos released of Barahona home

Pictures show bathtub, bloodstained walls, Jorge and Carmen's bedroom

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. - The release of hundreds of evidence documents and photos gives a first look inside the Southwest Miami-Dade home of Carmen and Jorge Barahona, accused of torturing their adopted twins and murdering one of them.

Among the photographs are several of the small bathtub where 10-year-olds Nubia and Victor were bound, caged and beaten for days at a time, according to prosecutors. Victor told detectives the bathtub was the last place he saw his sister alive.

Police found Nubia's body on Valentine's Day in Jorge's truck along the side of I-95 in West Palm Beach. Police found Jorge and Victor there, too. Victor was convulsing and covered in chemicals, said police.

Detectives believe Nubia was murdered in the Barahona's bedroom days earlier. A cutting from the Barahona's mattress is seen among the evidence photos.

Other evidence photos include a darkened room where detective's chemicals illuminated remnants of bloodstains otherwise invisible; Nubia's bedroom, messy and filled with stuffed animals and religious art; and, the home's front door with several locks on it.

The evidence released included a hand drawn map of the house, initialed by Carmen, indicating where the twins would have time out and be tied up. Her bedroom contains stick figures in prone positions, which could be considered a graphic confession of abuse.

Her verbal confession to detectives has been redacted from the evidence made public, according to a judge's ruling.

Carmen and Jorge Barahona are both charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

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