Naked Florida man causes fire while baking cookies on George Foreman Grill

Police say he had been drinking and smoking pot all day

By Tim Swift - Digital Editor

NICEVILLE, Fla. - A Florida man set fire to his home last month after he tried to bake cookies using a George Foreman Grill, authorities said.

When firefighters in Niceville, along the Florida Panhandle, arrived at the home on Aug. 27, 53-year-old James Cunningham answered the door naked, said "I'm sorry" and shut the door, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

Police officers were called in to assist the Niceville Fire Department. Officers said Cunningham was not aware of the danger he was in and could have suffered smoke inhalation. He had to be removed for his own safety, the newspaper reported.

Cunningham told police that he had drunk 2 liters of vodka and been smoking marijuana that day.

The Fire Department found that Cunningham had left a George Foreman Grill unattended as he tried to make cookies. For some reason, he also put towels on top of the grill, the Fire Department said.

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