North Miami Beach police look for mother's killers

Guerline Noel shot, killed during robbery

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - North Miami Beach police on Friday passed out flyers as they looked for two men who robbed and killed a woman inside her own home Thursday.

The robbery and shooting happened in the 200 block of Northeast 175th Terrace in North Miami Beach about 1 a.m.

The woman, identified by family members as 29-year-old Guerline Noel, went outside to her car to get a nursing textbook when the two men approached her, asked for money, and followed her into her house, police said.

Clauvens Cenor, Noel's husband, said the two armed men dressed in black then pulled out guns, forced him and his family into the bathroom, and shot his wife after he escaped through a window.

"I said, 'We don't have anything, so whatever you see inside the house, just take it,'" said Cenor. "'Just don't shoot, don't shoot no one.'"

The gunshots apparently echoed throughout parts of the neighborhood on Thursday. Eddie and Eonouse Pierre have lived in the area for more than 25 years.

"I think I heard gunshots, but I thought they were fireworks since it was the Fourth of July," said Eddie Pierre.

While the relatively quiet neighborhood is no stranger to crime, many said they were determined to do what they can to prevent more crime.

"We just have to keep a vigilant eye and ears and things out," said neighbor Leopold James.

Police officers met at Northeast 180th Drive and 6th Avenue, where they passed out flyers and looked for witnesses.

"If we see anything, we will call police," said Eonouse Pierre.

Police said they need all the tips they can get as they work on composite sketches of the suspects as Neol's family finalizes plans to lay her to rest.

"In major investigations, we like to go back to the area days afterward to see if anybody saw or heard anything," said Maj. Kathy Katerman of North Miami Beach police. "You never know if someone's up in the middle of the night, maybe saw something suspicious or a car pass them on the roadway."

Anyone with information on the robbery and shooting is asked to call the North Miami Beach Police Department at 305-662-7654.

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