Pair accused of robbing man who wanted to buy chainsaw on OfferUp

Police say man robbed after driving to meeting location with wife, children

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Jeremiah Micklewhite and Cameron Richie were arrested in connection with the robbery of a man who tried to buy a chainsaw on the online marketplace OfferUp.

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - All he wanted was a chainsaw. Instead, a Lake Worth man was robbed after he drove with his wife and two children to Boynton Beach to buy the chainsaw in a deal brokered online.

Boynton Beach police said Pablo Reynoso had arranged to buy the chainsaw on the online marketplace OfferUp. The seller arranged the meeting spot and time.

When Reynoso arrived at the meeting spot April 22 with his wife and children, he saw three men, one of them holding a chainsaw, approach him, Reynoso told police.

Reynoso pulled out $200 in cash to pay for the chainsaw when one of the men grabbed the money and Reynoso's gold chain, valued at $2,500, from around his neck, police said.

The men ran away, leaving the chainsaw behind, and got into a blue car, police said. Reynoso tried to follow them but eventually lost sight of the car.

Police eventually tracked down the owner of the car, which was registered to a woman who lived less than a mile from the incident. She told police that her son, Jeremiah Micklewhite, had her car. She also said another son and her godson, Cameron Richie, lived with her.

Reynoso identified Micklewhite, Richie and the other man from a photographic lineup as the suspects.

Micklewhite and Richie were arrested Tuesday on charges of robbery by sudden snatching and grand theft. Police are still searching for the third suspect.

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