South Florida groom arrested after breaking man's nose in beachfront wedding brawl

Jeffery Alvord says he punched man who refused to move out of way of pictures

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Jeffery Alvord, 27, says he punched another man who refused to move out of the way of his beachfront wedding pictures.

OCEAN RIDGE, Fla. - A South Florida man spent what was supposed to be his wedding night in jail after breaking the nose of another man who refused to move out of the way of the beachfront wedding pictures, police said.

Jeffery Alvord, 27, of Boynton Beach, was arrested Sunday after the beach brawl in Ocean Ridge, a small coastal town in Palm Beach County.

According to an Ocean Ridge police report, Alvord said he was on the beach getting ready for his wedding to start when Trevor Mooney, 24, was sitting in front of the wedding party and blocking the camera's view.

Alvord said he asked Mooney to move, but he refused, so Alvord offered him $20. Alvord said Mooney told him he would move for $50.

When two of Alvord's groomsmen tried to talk Mooney into moving, Mooney stood up in an aggressive manner, Alvord told police. Alvord said he felt threatened and punched Mooney in the face before Alvord's wedding guests separated them.

Mooney provided a sworn written statement to police saying he had been sitting on the beach for hours when three men asked him to move.

"They said they would give me $10 to move. I said $20," Mooney said in his statement. "The long-haired guy in the tan suit became irate. Someone grabbed me and held me while the guy with the long hair in a bun struck me in the face three times in a row. Someone grabbed my belongings and threw them across the beach."

Mooney said he wished to press charges because his glasses, worth about $250, were broken during the fight.

Alvord faces charges of aggravated battery and criminal mischief causing property damage.

His attorney, Steven Cohen, told the Palm Beach Post the incident "did not play out" as Mooney stated.

Alvord was released on bond Monday and married his fiancée.

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