Plans to build 'Airport City' announced

Odebrecht to build Airport City at Miami International Airport

MIAMI - Miami International Airport officials announced plans to redevelop 41 acres east of the north terminal for an "Airport City" that caters to business travelers.

"The idea is to generate revenues without the airport having to get ourselves in to any more debt," said Jose Abreu, director of the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department.

Officials announced plans Wednesday to build a four-star hotel, shopping areas, restaurants, and office space near the airport.

"There is a lot of business that is conducted when people fly in and fly out and they have meetings close to the airport," said Gilberto Neves, the chief executive officer of Odebrecht.

Abreu said Miami-Dade County residents wouldn't pay for the project as Odebrecht would fund it entirely.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this can be the future," he said.

Odebrecht also rebuilt the north terminal and airport link.

"This is not a concept that is new. Actually, there is an airport city convention every year," said Neves.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to approve the project in the coming weeks. It would then go to the Miami-Dade County Commission.

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