Put your phone down while driving: New texting law in effect

New law, which takes effect Monday, makes texting while driving primary offense

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MIAMI - Put your phone down while you are driving to avoid getting a ticket in Florida.

Starting Monday, law enforcement officers can pull motorists over solely for texting while driving, thanks to a new law passed by the Florida Legislature. Before, texting while driving was not a primary offense, meaning officers had to have another reason to stop a motorist to cite them for texting and driving.

There will be a grace period as everyone adjusts to the new law. Anyone stopped between now and January will get a warning. Once actual fines are handed out, it will cost $30 plus court costs for a first violation and $60 for a second violation.

AAA said in a news release that there were more than 51,000 crashes involving distracted drivers in 2018.

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