Roommate in UCF plot talks about gunman

Arabo Babakhani called 911 when James Seevakumaran pulled a gun on him

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police have released video from inside the dorm room of the former University of Central Florida student who they say was planning an attack on the school.

James Seevakumaran killed himself before he carried out the attack after his roommate alerted police. Arabo Babakhani called 911, after Seevakurmaran pointed a gun at him just after midnight on Monday.

"My roommate just pulled a fire alarm and he's got a gun out," Babakhani told police over the phone.

Babakhani told CNN's Anderson Cooper his story Tuesday night. 

"He had it pointed down at the ground. But, as soon he made eye contact with me, he just started raising it towards my head," said Babakhani.

"I took some cover in my room so the bullets wouldn't be able to penetrate anything and I just called 911," Babakhani added.

When campus police arrived to the scene, they found Seevakumaran dead inside his bedroom; he apparently shot himself.

They also found evidence of a planned massacre. Police say there were four homemade bombs inside a backpack, multiple firearms, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Seevakumaran had more ammunition waiting for him at the dorm mail room and a scrawled to-do list for carrying out the attack. The last line on the to-do list was quote "Give em' hell."

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