Gourmet Diner ordered shut after inspector found roach issue

17 violations reported at North Miami Beach restaurant

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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The Gourmet Diner is that chrome diner car on Biscayne Boulevard at 139th Street. It's been a fixture on the Boulevard since 1983.

But last week, the restaurant was ordered shut by an inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation because of a roach issue.

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Below is a list of some of the violations. The restaurant was allowed to re-open following an ordered clean up and re-inspection.


"Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Observed 5 live roaches inside unused reach in cooler in food prep area. Observed 6 live roaches inside and between the hinges of a different reach in cooler in same food prep area. Observed about 15 plus live roaches inside the cabinet of the same food prep area."

"Food stored in a prohibited area. Observed whole tomatoes stored inside cabinet where there is roaches activity."

"Improper side-by-side separation of raw animal foods and ready-to-eat foods. Observed raw chicken being hammered by cut tomatoes on prep table."

"Employee touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands - food was not being heated as a sole ingredient to 145 degrees F or immediately added to other ingredients to be cooked/heated to the minimum required temperature to allow bare hand contact. Establishment has no approved Alternative Operating Procedure. Employee chopped lettuce with bare hand."

"Soil residue in food storage containers. Observed food storage inside walking cooler soiled."

"In-use ice scoop stored on soiled surface between uses. Observed ice scoop on dirty surface."

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