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This cute as a button, playful girl is waiting to go home with you. Click here to make that happen today!

My name is Haily. 

Hear my "tail" of woe! 

My owners had a human baby. They went away and left me with someone who had a biiiiiiiiiiiig dog that wanted to bite me!

Then when my owners came back, they had me picked up by Animal Care because I had grown a little bigger. They were afraid for their baby (but I liked the baby!)

So, here I am still cute as a button, playful and energetic!  

I'm OK with other dogs as long as they don't bully me. 

If you can find it in your heart, it would be great to have a home to myself.

I promise lots of wet kisses -- if you want them.

Please take my tale of woe and give it a happy ending!


Animal ID Number: A1587010

Age: 9 months old

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier-mix

Sex:  Spayed female

Health: Full medical exam, completely healthy

Temperament: Good with people and dogs

Weight: 40 pounds

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