Heavy rain throws off chemical balance in swimming pools

Suburban Pools in Southwest Ranches selling lots of chemicals

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Summertime pool fun can be ruined by heavy rain because it throws off your pool's chemical balance.

At Suburban Pools in Southwest Ranches, they are selling a lot of chemicals.

"The rain will dilute your chemicals," said Sharon Schwenneker with Suburban Pools. "When you drain some water out because it is overflowing, so you are draining it and you don't realize you are draining chemicals out. Heavy rain will also dilute your chlorine levels, so keep a jug on hand and if you have a salt water generator pool, you will probably need more salt."

Experts say to be careful while draining your pool and it is important to brush your pool at least once a week and especially after lots of rain to scrape up dust and debris.

"You have to filter your pool enough hours to compensate for all the heavy rain," Schwenneker said. "About 12 hours a day. People say, 'Oh I filter six [hours],' and that is why your pool is cloudy or greenish."

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