How do I get Local 10 news in DT & HDTV?

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Local 10 has been broadcasting DTV and HDTV since May of 1999. We operate our DTV channel the same number of hours as our NTSC channel. Most of our programming is NTSC material upconverted to 720p. However, we do carry any programming ABC gives us in native 720p HDTV. ABC now offers most of its scripted programming (dramas, sitcoms) in HDTV along with Monday Night Football.

Some cable systems now offer WPLG-DT as part of their cable service; please check with your cable provider. But remember, you can always get WPLG-DT free over the air if your cable system doesn't provide it.

To get WPLG-DT over the air, you should use an outdoor antenna. A standard VHF antenna will work. You should point your antenna towards our transmitter antenna located on the Miami-Dade/Broward County line, N 25.58.031', W 080.12.714', near Pro Player Stadium. Our coverage area is about the same as our analog signal.

As a general rule, if you can receive a watchable NTSC picture on Local 10, you should be able to receive WPLG-DT's signal on channel 9. You will also need an ATSC decoder box, and, to enjoy the full effect, a high definition-capable television.

Finally, WPLG-DT is physical channel 9 and virtual channel 10.1. So, just hit 10.1 on the remote control and enjoy.

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