Izzy: Animal ID Number: A1567035

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Animal ID Number: A1567035

Name: Izzy

Age: 2 year old

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Sex: Spayed Female

Health: Fully vetted and completely healthy

Temperament: Very friendly with people, great with other dogs

Weight: 60 pounds

Intake Date: January 31, 2013

This is Izzy!!! Izzy is a very unique girl. Her right ear always stands straight up and her left ear lays sideways. Izzy was found by a North Lauderdale Police Officer. The police officer called us for assistance as he was afraid to approach Izzy. When we arrived we couldn't understand what the police officer was afraid of. Izzy ran right up to us, jumped up and gave us a kiss. Izzy then ran a circle around our vehicle asking if she could go for a car ride. We drove Izzy up and down her neighborhood hoping to find her owner. But nobody in the neighborhood recognized her. Now Izzy sits and waits for a new home. Can you help Izzy find a new home?

If you can rescue Izzy please reply to MPerry@broward.org & CGipson@broward.org.