Jackson Health System looks to modernize after bond issue approved

Voters approve $830M bond issue to rebuild parts of hospitals

MIAMI - Jackson Health System looks to modernize its hospitals after voters in Miami-Dade County approved a $830 million bond issue Tuesday.

The money will go toward a new rehabilitation hospital, new urgent care centers throughout the county, rebuilding operating rooms and emergency rooms, and installing electronic medical records.

"We're excited this morning. Finally, the community reaffirmed with 65 percent the vision that we have for Jackson, the future of Jackson," said CEO Carlos Migoya.

A board overseeing the bond will be named soon.

"It shows you that Miami, in spite of our differences that we may have from cultural differences and so forth, believe that we're stronger as one unit," said Migoya.

Migoya said the work should be completed in five years.

The Jackson bond will cost the average homeowner an additional $6.20 in the first year and $30.99 at the peak.

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