Kids with autism play soccer to cope

DAVIE, Fla. - Students at Baudhuin School in Davie are taking the soccer field as a way to cope with autism.

Lucas and Ethan are both being challenged to get outside.

"The first week, they so don't want to be out there, but with help we forced them, they got through it, and now they are enjoying themselves," said Baudhuin PTO President Lizzette Costa.

For the parents of children with autism, something as simple as soccer practice -- where their kids can play without being judged -- is a big deal.

"It's a great feeling, too, that she feels comfortable, that she enjoys the soccer league," said Carla Sublett.

"You go from seeing the kids kick the ball slowly to week two and they're actually kicking the ball into the goal," said Costa.

They're even learning the rules.

"You can bounce on it on your head," Ethan told Local 10's Jen Herrera.

Teachers and therapists donate their time for the soccer league. If you would like to participate or donate to the program, email Lizzette Costa.

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