Local Publix store gets complaint on flag hanging

American flag blocked by merchandise, food displayed

MIAMI - A "flag flap" is taking place at a local Publix store. One frustrated customer was upset at the way the store was displaying the American flag so Local 10 stepped in to check out the controversy.

As soon as a shopper steps foot into the Miami Shores Publix grocery store, a huge red, white and blue flag hangs from the ceiling. The problem is that it's blocked and covered by the boxes and cans of food being displayed.

Shopping in the store on this holiday, Erica Vindoley said, "For them to hang it like that, I find it disrespectful."

But her fellow shopper and friend, Natalie Salgado disagrees, "It's hung, it doesn't matter, I don't care either way."

Nelson Beaubrun went to Publix to buy barbecue supplies and was surprised at what he saw. "Half of the flag is draped behind the stand where the food is, so yeah, that's improper," said Beaubrun. "They should have done a better job. I expect more from Publix."

His shopping partner was surprised the flag was not flowing freely by itself in the store, without anything blocking the symbol of our freedom.

Wilna Triche explained by saying, "To show more respect for Memorial Day, I mean, I believe the flag should be hung where it's not jammed up against food or anything like that, and everyone can see it. It shows more respect for the country and for the soldiers."

Federal law relating to the respectful display of the American flag clearly states the flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.

The manager at the Miami Shores Publix would not speak to Local 10 on camera, but just about 10 minutes after the confrontation, shoppers watched as workers removed the entire flag from it's hanging place.

Publix also issued Local 10 this statement saying: "Our store's intent in displaying the flag was to show pride for our country, especially today as we remember our fallen heroes. We certainly never intended any disrespect in the way the flag was displayed and have since removed it. We appreciate our customers' concern."

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