Police arrest man accused of kidnapping Uber driver for free ride

Uber driver jumps out of car, runs for help

Alexis Hurtado is accused of kidnapping an Uber driver.
Alexis Hurtado is accused of kidnapping an Uber driver. (WPLG)

MIAMI – A South Florida Uber driver recalled the terrifying moments he was kidnapped by a passenger.

Wilfredo Moreno was told "drive or I'll shoot you" by that passenger.

Moreno was driving down North Miami Avenue in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood, working the weekend’s artsy crowd, when he received a ride request from someone on the Uber app named David.

But it wasn’t David who got in Moreno's car.

Police said it was Alexis Hurtado, and another man, trying to steal a ride.

“So the defendants get into the car, despite the fact that they were not the correct passengers,” a prosecutor said in court Monday.

Hurtado is accused of telling Moreno that he had a gun and threatened to shoot if he didn’t keep driving.

Fearing for his life, Moreno kept driving until he pulled up to a red light on 29th Street.

Moreno then jumped out of his car and ran. Hurtado chased him down.

Nearby police officers responded to Moreno's calls for help.

They caught up to Hurtado and placed him under arrest.

“I suggest if you need a ride, call your parents,” Miami-Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer told Hurtado. “Stay out of the Ubers.”

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