Crews stop sewage from leaking in Fort Lauderdale neighborhood

Clean-up continues in Rio Vista neighborhood

City of Fort Lauderdale officials announced Wednesday that crews have successfully stopped sewage from flowing into a neighborhood and the Tarpon River, nearly two weeks after a major sewer line broke.

A bypass line is now diverting the sewage flow from the 54-inch line that broke Dec. 10 in the city’s Rio Vista neighborhood.

Crews have been working around the clock to stop the sewage spill. An original repair on Dec. 18 broke again the following day, sending even more waste into the neighborhood.

Work is still being done to remove any remaining water from the pit where the pipe burst, and crews are pressure-cleaning streets, driveways and swales in the affected areas.

Workers are still attempting to repair another broken sewer main in the Himmarshee Canal that ruptured over the weekend. Industrial divers were able to reduce the leak overnight by tightening a clamp around the damaged area of the pipe.

Those living in the area from the Himmarshee Canal from South Federal Highway to the New River remain under a precautionary advisory for recreational water-related activities such as swimming, fishing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, canoeing or jet-skiing.

City officials say has the capacity to handle the growth of high rise condos and homes but the sewer system lacks the structural integrity which is why hundreds of millions of dollars must be spent to quickly replace lines in the aging sewer.