Guests at Shore Club evacuated because of carbon monoxide leak

9 people taken to area hospitals

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Some guests at the Shore Club South Beach were evacuated Thursday morning because of a carbon monoxide leak.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue Chief Jorge Linares said nine people were taken to area hospitals to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Six of the patients were taken to Mercy Hospital since the facility has a hyperbaric chamber.

Firefighters are called to a carbon monoxide leak at the Shore Club. (WPLG)

“Hyperbaric oxygen involves breathing 100% oxygen under pressure," Mercy Hospital Medical Director Dr. Ivan Montoya said. "This results in a decrease in the half-life of carboxyhemoglobin from 90 minutes in 100% normobaric oxygen to 30 minutes with HBO. This allows for the delivery of non-hemoglobin-bound oxygen to the tissues. This prevents hypoxia and tissue damage. The reason to treat is to prevent neuropsychological syndrome, cognitive changes and cardiac injury.”

The hospital’s hyperbaric chamber can accommodate up to seven people.

According to a representative from the hospital, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat decompression illness, wounds, arterial gas embolism and carbon monoxide poisoning.

All of the patients were employees of the hotel.

Authorities said it appears the leak occurred in an industrial-like area of the hotel that houses pool pumps and other equipment.

A representative from the hotel told Local 10 News that only six to eight rooms were impacted by the temporary evacuation.

“The areas affected are now fully open and functioning,” the representative said.

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